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Conference proceedings

 EUROPA POSTMEDIAEVALIS research group in cooperation with Archaeopress publishing house publishes every two years conference proceedings. The best contributions are chosen for this publication and all of them peer-reviewed.  If you are interested in this publication, let us know or order directly at ARCHAEOPRESS publishing house.


EUROPA POSTMEDIAEVALIS 2022 PROCEEDINGS: Connections and networking

The third EUROPA POSTMEDIAEVALIS conference titled "Connections and Networking" took
place in Portuguese Coimbra in spring of 2022. The outcome of the conference talks is the
EUROPA POSTMEDIAEVALIS 2022 "Connections and Networking" anthology – the book you are
holding in your hand. The book contains 26 contributions from a total of ten European countries
divided into five chapters regarding their topic. All of them dealing with post-medieval pottery.
It is examined from the perspective of local, regional as well as long-distance trade. The contributions
demonstrate an interest in the selected conference topic, its usefulness and an opportunity
to compare concrete find situations across Europe – in both coastal as well as landlocked states
and their local development in the light of new impulses from outside. Papers gathered in a single
anthology thus facilitate a confrontation of diverse European regions.

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